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Tether USDT annualized rate now from 50-200% on USDT crypto lending.

KuCoin Margin Trade supports customers to lend limited cryptocurrency to other customers for Funding markets and to charge interest.

The lenders only need to fill in the Loan Amount and the Daily Interest Rate (Kindly refer to the lending page for Interest rate) and the Lend Terms selection could be 7 days, 14 days and 28 days(Default 28 days)

Lending form. Put amount to lend. Select daily interest and terms.

The Settled page contains:

a. Paid off: the principal and interest which has been paid; the borrower gets a negative balance, but the insurance fund has made up.

b. Not paid off: the borrower gets a negative balance, but the insurance fund’s corresponding currency balance is insufficient

The Order History page contains:

a. Completed orders: all executed transactions

b. Canceled orders: all canceled orders including the orders executed partially but canceled

Active lendings.
Some history of my lendings.
Profit earned from some hundreds of Tether (USDT) in couple weeks.

KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange are in TOP 30 exchanges. KuCoin work from 2017.