Waves.Exchange offers one of the best crypto staking opportunities in the market. Waves staking is centered on USDN, a stablecoin pegged to the US dollar. USDN staking is secure, and the deposit process is very straightforward – you can buy USDN with your credit card or with any other crypto. All it takes is just a few clicks.
USDN staking pays annual interest of 12-15%, which is considerably higher than any US dollar bank deposit.

Do you want to learn how staking works on Waves.Exchange? Go ahead and earn passive income of 12-15% annually!

Interest payments are made daily. You can add your earnings to your main deposit or withdraw them.

USDN staking involves no security or crypto volatility risks. USDN is pegged to the US dollar and its exchange rate risks are the same as for the fiat US dollar.

Next-generation Savings Opportunity
In recent times, keeping your savings in bank deposits hasn’t always proven a good idea. Interest rates are low, especially when it comes to short-term deposits, and the process of withdrawing your funds can be unnecessarily complicated.

Staking cryptocurrency provides an opportunity to securely store your funds, while at the same time earning substantial passive income. When staking crypto, you retain total control of your funds, since no one but you has access to your crypto assets. At any time, you can add more funds to your deposit or withdraw your crypto assets – fully or partially – without losing any accrued interest.